Daanbi Services


DAANBI combines tech expertise and business intelligence to catalyze change and deliver results.

Blockchain as a service (Baas) has had significant business world traction because it offers solutions for transparency, cost, and optimization simply and straightforwardly. With early software adopters, logistics, and fintech industries, Blockchain as a service model, Software helps businesses develop and host smart contracts and blockchain apps in cloud-based blockchain ecosystems. In other words, blockchain abilities are more usable and accessible.

Nowadays, early movers know that Blockchain works with the help of up to 1,000 IBM technical and business experts who have yet to work on up to 500 IBM Blockchain projects.

To put the Blockchain at the digital transformation centre, we embark on it by identifying foundational initiatives, prioritizing opportunities for innovation, and creating better business value.

You get value-driven solutions with reduced risk while leading time for tangible business outcomes. Our BaaS makes scalable financial solutions for Bitcoin protocol and ecosystem. The Bitcoin processing software of the company makes larger peer-to-peer finance systems to eliminate third-party needs. More than ten solutions are accessible to grapple with energy scalability, API management, energy scalability, and other requirements.